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Stage 1

Program Focus:

1. Students create imaginative, informative and persuasive texts.

2. Students develop confidence in editing their own writing.


Aaron's program focus for Stage 1 students is enjoyment. To assist young people in engaging with ideas, thinking creatively and having enjoyment with the creative process is the general focus of these workshops. 

Aaron tends toward student direction in learning, often targeting their ideas to build and expand upon, into the art of story telling. 

The ability to extend young students by helping them consider different ways to create their story is part of Aaron's focus.   

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Stage 2

Program Focus:

1. Students create well-structured imaginative, informative and persuasive texts in terms of topic, purpose, audience and language by drafting, proofreading and editing for familiar and unfamiliar audiences


2. thinks imaginatively, creatively and interpretively about information, ideas and texts when responding to and composing texts.


Structure and scaffolding is one of Aaron's strongest areas as a published author. Using specific writing created during his own process, Aaron takes students through their own journey from idea, to chapter expansion, focusing on one particular component of students work. 


Analysing students work, workshops for stage 2 challenge young learners to think about what they have created, what they are trying to convey through language and explore linking of ideas, topics or  language they use. 

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Stage 3

Students evaluate the effectiveness of their writing by drafting, proofreading, editing, reviewing and publishing, focusing on grammatical features and the conventions of writing.

Thinks imaginatively, creatively, interpretively and critically about information and ideas and identifies connections between texts when responding to and composing texts


Recognises, reflects on and assesses their strengths as a learner


Extending from the program offered to Stage 2, Aaron builds reflection tools using higher order skills such as analysis. 

Using stages of his own published writing, Aaron shows students the process from idea, through editing, to refinement, then taking them to the later higher order writing skills of editing. 

Aaron has additional resources such as professional editors critiques available for young learners to sense the refinement of writing.