Evil is What?

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Evil: what is it?

And if evil then good is what?

The greatest evil is what, exactly?

And what ought to happen to those who create evil?

My first title, A decent life, grapples with these concepts. And how relative are they to our current situation? I would say very. Justice (my current area of philosophical study) is more then criminal punishment, to this I agree.

I do believe we have an obligation to our communities, the environment, and this obligation would be to uphold justice. The entire idea, to take, to steal, it seems obvious this would be rejected. But what if it were time we stole, or the land we depleted, animals we exploited; what would happen then?

Justice extends how far?

And what would be our end?

As asked in A Decent Life:

"to injustice, what ought to happen?"

As the characters fight evil it becomes them who changes, not the stream of filth they wade into, leading to the ultimate rebirth.

John Rawls is a fairly obvious starting point for this topic, however I have difficulty reconciling his beliefs regarding natural talent. I believe undoubtedly we ought to pursue whoever we think we are to the best of pour potential ... if unable, that in itself would be unjust.

But what is evil, exactly? And what punishment seems fair? Can people change their actions and learn from mistakes or ought they be guilty for all their time?


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