Dystopia: What If?


Dystopia: an imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice, typically one that is totalitarian or post-apocalyptic.

I see dystopia as pure creativity, an opportunity to explore written thought experiments of those what ifs. What if we could swap bodies to experience the consciousness of another? What if I could travel to other worlds in dreams? What if I were a dictator? Or a survivor in an apocalypse with a whole world to explore, spread my wings and soar across an open world.

An apocalypse? What apocalypse could you imagine? Don't bore me with zombies or viral outbreak, what apocalypse can you create?

Dystopia is pure creation where you can build and create as you please. Add whatever you like from magic and monsters to demons. Explore happiness, control, evil or psychological pain. Write as thriller, romance, action or adventure, with poetic manipulation to your world.

For me, personally, I like to use the world as we find it. Add an event and follow the unravelling of that what if. What if you could change the world? What if someone tried to assassinate you? What if you were a bushranger in times now written to word?

I enjoy adding the psychology and belief system found in Western society, unpack the reasons for human action and build that action again. Although my work can be classified as historical fiction, crime, or action adventure, to me I see it as dystopian because I make a new world.

New endings, new people, new worlds I do create, and it is this creation I love writing because it is exciting. Its raw and real and as true a story as any other. Dystopian examination of human suffering, not unlike the Bible. Psychology in a meaning search or wandering for hope, as I ask in A Decent Life 1, to injustice what ought to happen?

Enter our moral code and ethical compass underpinned by Christian belief. With subjective morals wandering, how much change to one world can we make? Utopia to dystopia, the difference is minor, the difference lay in your what if's.


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