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Genre: Historical Fiction       Themes: Father/Son, Law, Justice, Love        Release: Early 2022

A fathers love for his child seeds deep regrets in a tale woven through early Australian history. English law, rebellious settlers and Indigenous Australians collide in a historical fiction titled, Untamed Australia.


Time is the most precious thing; not gold, whiskey, land nor love; it’s time.

Jimmy's brown eyes focused to white water in a gentle current flowing over bush rocks. To the scent of drifting wattle and gum, gentle flames circled in bush rocks flickered in a slight morning breeze. Flame warmed Jimmy’s body from the brisk chill of an Australian morning. The beauty of his new land remained captivating, not lost on him nor taken for granted.


Genre: Dystopian Fiction       Themes: Time, Justice, Fairness, Moral Obligations        Release: I: August 2020, II: August 2021, III: Early 2022


I have created this series as an initial trilogy, following the common structure of corruption, chaos and order. Book 1: Stories of Time, The Broken and Corrupt, examines our society as we currently find it, which the narrator deems corrupt. Love interweaves to his life from that revelation, and together with his true love companion, they set out together in a tale that has been likened by critics to Natural Born Killers to free individuals from social suppression and corrupt constraints. 

You can read a blog here for greater depth to the themes and concepts. 


Nihilism is too optimistic, in an afterlife void of God

I wanted to resuscitate his lifeless body and murder him once more, to prove my intent was certain. 

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The Wolf in I

Genre: Bizarre Werewolf Something Something       ThemesAddiction, Boredom, Family     Release: Mid 2022

I love this book, theme, and everything I have created, but I am not sure exactly how to describe this work. We join Eli and hang out in the very boring days that make his existence until a purposeful meeting with Jennifer. Through their inter actions a path is set in place for Eli to become who he truly is.

Themes in this work closely follow the path of addiction. We ride with Eli from boredom to domination, through rage and low lows, through hiding and eventual ... Ah, I'm not spoiling the end! 


This thing inside me, this want and desire driving me, a thing I cannot name.

It wants.

It demands.

To its voice I must listen. Its voice overpowers who I am.

Dark. Spiral. Twist.

Genre: Time Travel Romance.       ThemesAlternate Existence, Afterlife, Parallel Existence, Change, Causation.    Release: Mid 2022

Dark Spiral Twist is beautiful and I love what I have created. Part love story, part time travel, part flow state, this story examines alternate timelines and parallel existence, specifically from intersecting in your own timeline.

What if ... what if at the end of our lives death is us examining our own infinite existence?

Can we create parallel existence?

What if we could go back to our own lives and live the opposite, choose the other thing, become another you? Of all your lives and all the things you have chosen to do, you choose a point of re-entry, starting at that age and stage as that version of you. You choices will have an effect on that future, and you can change things which may have a simple twist, may become dark, or maybe spiral into something completely different.



I was spiralling but it was kind of twisted and maybe I took a dark turn.

Anger remained in those summer filled blue eyes but her pale face disappeared behind a door. She slammed it shut. The room disappeared. I found myself floating on a lake. I know it’s a strange story to read, but imagine how I felt. I’m searching around, looking at the lake but I can’t feel anything and I'm not even sure where I am.

Image by Jeremy Thomas