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About Aaron

I grew up in and around the city I still call home, Newcastle, N.S.W. One lineage of my family has been in and around the Glouster/Barrington area from before English fleets arrived in Australia. Other members of my family history had moved here looking for a new start and helped build Newcastle from bush to the thriving city we enjoy today.

For me personally, at around the age of twenty I found myself at the end of some very bad decisions and some choices in my personal life which left me unhappy with who I was. At that time I moved to the Northern Territory for a while to live with family and started working in hospitality. From there I ended up returning home and began my chef apprenticeship. I had a great time rising through the ranks of numerous chef brigades before running my own resort in the Hunter Valley. After a long and stressful time managing back of house for an inner-city hotel I left the hospitality industry to begin a career in education, a field I still work in today.

I have studied various martial arts which provided me with may things. Self-discipline (note the chapter in A Decent Life I), fitness, flexibility, moral compass, work ethic, self-belief … short story is martial arts is great. After success in this field I felt I could achieve something far greater, and of course the question we all ask ourselves is — what is that thing I want to do?

So, what can I do? What can I achieve?

My answer is writing.

I began studying philosophy through Macquarie University in Sydney while teaching high school and writing. So far I have released A Decent Life I in August 2020, with A Decent Life II set for release mid 2021. I have a total of twelve titles I will create and publish with many new ideas constantly forming. I have definitely changed my approach after writing the ‘A Decent Life’ series as it is quite dark and deep seeded. While I am happy with what I produced and love my creation, I don’t want to create only dark writings.  

Generally I start with those two words, what if?, and build from there. What if I could travel in my own consciousness after death? What if there was an apocalypse? What if we share biological memories from our ancestors?

What if, what if, what if?