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Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Readers' Favorite

A Decent Life: Stories of Time, The Broken and The Corrupt by Aaron James Creamer is a riveting novel of violence and vigilantism. The story is told from the perspective of a couple out to right the wrongs perpetrated in society. They want to exact justice their way. Full of revenge and self-righteous rage, they are determined to end evil. At first, you are drawn in by a sense of justice, and you may begin to relate to the characters' motives and actions. But then you may begin to ask yourself, is this right? Is their mission worth it? They have a devastating, fatal bond, reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde, or Mickey and Mallory from Oliver Stone/Quentin Tarantino's Natural Born Killers.


But besides the mayhem, there is powerful imagery and some philosophical lessons, but many interpretations of them. This novel addresses many issues most of us ponder: right and wrong, good and evil, just and unjust. Creamer has a way of pulling you into the lives of the characters so that you can get a sense of their understanding. There are some poignant scenes too about what it takes to build a decent life, is life chance or destiny, and the failures some experience when they feel they come up short. The writing is visceral in some places; poetic in others. There is an energy to the writing that keeps you flowing through the scenes. You are invited inside the minds of the characters, and you aren't sure if you want to be there, but you are exploring it just the same. If you like well-paced crime dramas with dark psychological themes, A Decent Life: Stories of Time, The Broken and The Corrupt by Aaron James Creamer is a trigger that will get under your skin.

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"I read this book not really knowing what to expect. Vigilantes? Yes please! Romance? Yep! Internal philosophical debates about the stagnation of indecision? That’s a new one for me. 


To review a book you need to know how you feel about the story. This review was difficult to write; not because I didn’t enjoy it but because it left me unsettled. It is a thought provoking insight into the mind of a vigilante and I was not prepared for the ramifications of reading this book. This story is particularly relevant as we, as society face, increasingly alarming events. Despite the overarching themes addressed in the book I found myself laughing out loud at times. I don’t think I have read a story and felt such a variety of seemingly conflicting emotions. 


The story addresses one man’s pondering of what it is to exist in a world where injustice is rife. Where is it the normal and we are desensitised to the horrors that we face daily. The simple and gritty way in which terrible violence is written is testament to this. The story line has a fractured or disjointed quality however this in itself is reflects the very nature of the narrative. 


The story starts out slowly. Setting the scene, acquainting the reader with the sense that time is irrelevant when we are without purpose. Slowly, as purpose trickles in, the pacing of the story increases. Events become more graphic, sins are heavier, the consequences more terrible. The pacing however, is as inconstant as the time our main character so frequently laments. Just when things start moving in a linear and predictable fashion, the author changes the scene, changes the narrative and adds to the compelling notion that time is not the predictable entity we so readily accept. Whether this is the slow passing of time that exists where we lack purpose and direction, or the frenetic and hectic hustle as we seek to achieve and strive, the author is able to successfully convey this through story telling. 


The narrative itself reads part romance, part horror and all fascinating insight into what makes a vigilante tick. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and the book poses the question ‘does the means truly justify the end ?’ "

Elise Hastings - Speech Pathologist


“A Decent Life is an insightful journey of a person’s/character’s search for meaning along their pursuit of a ‘decent life’. The thought provoking inner turmoil of the main character was intriguing yet relatable. This unique and powerfully written story explores evil depths of the human soul/ society and a vigilante’s idea of social justice that will have you inspired”


Christine Romano - Education Professional.

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I absolutely loved this book. Every page, every chapter is scarily relatable, and confronting. Why do we do what we do when could be so much more? I have read this book many many times and each time I'm surprised by the emotions it stirs up even when I know what's coming next. I have wiped tears from my eyes and laughed. I have read it many times and will read it again - never because I have too but because I want to.

Chelsea Creamer - Banking Professional

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This book had me so enthralled I was reading any chance I got while also being anxious it was going to end. Aaron’s powerful imagery in his word choice sets such a strong understanding and a sense of being witness to the story, it is much like watching a movie. He has no issues making words come together into a powerful story and keep you captivated start to finish. I am always sceptical about reading books as I always lose interest quickly if the story doesn’t draw me in. From start to finish I was entirely sucked into the story of A Decent Life. I grew attached to the characters, which—from reading a range of previous books—authors sometimes struggle to build the reader/character relationship. It built so naturally by the end of the story I was in love with the characters. It truly made me question so much within myself, not only in the stories sense but within my own life. Are we truly living a decent life? What stuck with me the most is fate or coincidence. All in all a deeply powerful, captivating, emotive and thought provoking read.

Ayla Jennings-Bade – Director - Bade Beast Bus (Pet Transport)


I really enjoyed this great debut novel, written with intricate detail and imagery.
The unexpected twists kept me wanting more until the end.
The intensity of the story had me on the knifes edges trying to decide between a dark truth and reality.

Janine McGregor - Merchandiser for Hallmark Cards 

Just finished the book this morning and I most definitely enjoyed it. Picked it up with the intention of reading a few chapters and couldn’t put it down. Well paced with many layers and complex characters that will require a second ready to fully absorb. Very impressive for a first novel. Outstanding work


Doug Marr- Cheif Planner (Downer Group) and creator of 5Nov Creations.

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